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Download our 2017 CCC Summer Brochure which gives you a quick look at our Service Weeks of home repairs, HOME Weeks of homeless mission and Overseas Weeks of serving orphanages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CCC main office, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm at 704-721-0033, or email us at ccc@carolinacrossconnection.org

Home Repair (2017)

Empowering Students and Adults. A CCC Service Week gives youth and adults the spiritual renewal of a camp experience and the life-changing opportunities of weeklong mission trip. While the work is challenging, CCC makes it easy for your group to worship, serve, and grow. We provide the location, training, tools, supplies, and connection to families in need.  You and your students provide the hands, heart, and soul of Christlike service. During a week in the summer, your group will perform a variety of home repairs for the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly or single parents and have an amazing time sharing God’s love!  A typical week at CCC includes serving 3-4 different families through the following types of projects:

  • Building wheelchair ramps, porches and steps
  • Underpinning mobile homes
  • Yardwork, mowing, weedeating, and raking 
  • Repairing floors and walls
  • Painting inside and outside of homes 
  • House cleaning, window washing, and more
Building Hope. In addition to helping with physical needs, we strive to meet the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of the residents we meet. You are encouraged to pray with the families you serve, have lunch with them, and share the love of Christ. CCC is also about serving students. We desire for students to be empowered to serve and lead, to experience acceptance, laughter, spiritual growth, community, and impactful worship. We are serious about service AND serious about having fun and growing spiritually during your week of camp with us!  


Creating Christian Community. Groups are expected to arrive on Sunday afternoon between 1:00 and 3:30 PM. Groups will depart the following Saturday around 10:00 AM. On Sunday, every participant will be placed in a Christian Mission Group. Each CMG is comprised of 1-2 adults and 4-5 youth. CMGs are formed with the intention of mixing up churches, ages, sexes, and construction experience. Each CMG will work together for the entire week (Mon-Fri). CMGs depart for worksites by 9:15 AM and return between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.  In the evenings, the staff will have activities planned, including community building, worship, games, sharing, small groups with your church and free time.   

Urban Ministry (2017)

Carolina Cross Connection has been providing home repairs in western North Carolina since 1988. In 2011, CCC followed a model set by the youth director at Fletcher UMC and partnered with Haywood Street Congregation in Asheville, NC to explore relational ministry. Formerly known as HOME, this urban ministry experience works alongside populations of people often identified as homeless to meet much deeper needs than handouts or loose change could provide for. Throughout our time serving in Asheville, we at CCC have found a mystery and beauty to relational ministry. By meeting those that the world may deem less worthy or might considered outcasts, we have learned to view each person as a child of God like can be seen at Haywood Street Congregation. In doing so, we have been embraced by a community full of love and grace. It is our heart that this urban ministry experience will enable youth and adults alike to experience unconditional love from a community the world may say has nothing to offer all while carrying a joyful hope that comes from the love of Christ. 

Urban Ministry - Asheville is an unforgettable week serving with the homeless in the heart of downtown Asheville. It is an opportunity to meet and truly befriend those who are without homes or marginalized and to attempt to understand life in a different context. It is an opportunity to break down stereotypes and barriers between material wealth and poverty, and in their place, to find genuinely deep, Christ-centered relationships.

CCC has partnered with local groups and organizations of Asheville, chief among them, the Haywood Street Congregation, a unique church of homeless and housed alike.


Urban Ministry - Charlotte is a week spent in uptown Charlotte learning about different organizations working with populations that often go unseen as well as building relationships with people experiencing homelessness. The week is focused on bringing light to injustices that those experiencing material poverty face daily in an urban environment. CCC has partnered with nonprofits and ministries local to the area to gain a wide array of knowledge on the realities of homelessness for both adults and children.

Our weeks, whether in Charlotte or Asheville, are focused on reaching communities seeking reconciliation with the Church. They are immersive and relational, giving campers the opportunity to serve and to be served, to take part in God's work of reconciling the world to Himself. Campers experience hands-on service as well as transformative relationships.

We invite you to join us in seeking God's kingdom here on Earth. We believe it is through these vulnerable interations and genuine interest that we can begin to see Christ in one another as Jesus describes in Matthew 25:34-40.


"Of all the trips our group has participated in this was the best!

We worked side by side each day with those we came to serve.

Our eyes and hearts were opened to the beautiful reality that

in serving others, we too, are served." - Joy Moss, Youth Director, Asheville


"CCC HOME has challenged me to see others as

God sees them, fellow brothers and sisters

made in His image."- Allison Spruill, Youth Director, Asheville

"Fantastic camp primarily due to staff, content, camper interaction. The word made flesh comes to mind. Great mix of action and worship, both complimenting each other. I saw lives changed and stereotypes challenged, hopefully conquered."

-Adult participant, Charlotte